Chatbot Developement

A chatbot is a new innovation that uses artificial intelligence with a human touch to automatically respond to messages sent to it by a user in chat


Features you'll love

Rich Messages

Don't limit yourself to text only, our bots can reply with images, emojis, links etc

3rd Party Integrations

Our bots can easily work with popular tools & APIs, such as Facebook, Slack etc


Have the option to add payments into your chatbot system

Discover how Altera can Transform your Business

55% of consumers would prefer to interact with an organization using text messages, rather than phone calls, to solve their problem.

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Do More With Our Chatbots


Support Users with Ease

Altera chatbots can be used as a first line of support for your customer base.

Cut down on the amount of time your live agents spend on supporting users with simple questions, and let our chatbots do all the work. Our chatbots can be the first line of support for your organization, leaving your live agents to handle only the most difficult of questions. This will shorten handle times by answering simple queries quickly, and reducing overhead costs by lowering the reliance on human assistance.

Product Suggestions

Our chatbots can talk to your users and find out what they want.

Many consumers may be interested in buying something from your store, such as clothes, but they may not have a particular item in mind. Chatbots can serve to identify users interests, and show products available depending on the input provided. H&M's Kik Chatbot, which helps users build a custom outfit, has improved online sales immensely. Similarly, Altera innovative chatbot solutions can improve customer experience, and lead to more sales for your business.


Appointment Booking

Chatbots Make Appointments Easy.

Forget about taking bookings over the phone, and focus on your client. Let Altera Chatbots handle all your appointment bookings from now on. Unlike a human operator, a chatbot is always awake and open to messages, 24/7. Clients can be provided instant booking confirmation, conveniently, rather than spending time waiting for you to manually book appointments. Statistics show customers would prefer to communicate via chat, rather than call, so our chatbots make perfect sense for your business's appointment handling.

Broadcast Messages with Chatbots

Use Chatbots as another way to let customers or subscribers know about new information

Chatbots make it easy for users to find out the latest news and updates from your organization. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, etc are already very popular. Altera chatbots can leverage the large amount of users which use these social media platforms regularly, and send your organization's latest news or updates to their device, through the messaging platform.

  • 1
    Step 1 - Contact Us For Your Personalized Chatbot

    Altera Experts will personally work with your organization to understand where our chatbots can improve communication with clients

  • 2
    Step 2 - Wait for Your Personalized Bot

    Altera Engineers will develop your organization's chatbot, and tailor it to your specific needs

  • 3
    Step 3 - Integration & Enjoy

    Altera Engineers will then connect our chatbot directly with any tools & APIs, such as internal booking systems, and ensure an optimal experience